Many of you may recognise Steve from his deliveries to site. He’s so integral to our team here at Timbateq and provides the vital link between the factory, site and most of all, our clients. He always goes that extra mile and we wanted to share more about him.

How long have you worked at Timbateq? 7 ½ years

What three words best describe you?  Strong, organised, reliable.

What do you enjoy most about your job?  I am not always in the same place all of the time. I get to see a lot of architecture while I am out and about.

What has been the proudest moment at Timbateq? I don’t really have a proudest moment. I work really hard and take pride in all of the work that I do.

What are the current challenges you face and how do you overcome them? This is a fast paced and very deadline oriented business and the work has to be done to a high standard. While this can be very overwhelming at times I get my motivation from knowing my part in the system is highly valued.

Outside of Timbateq, what keeps you busy? Family, computer games and the garden shed.

And finally, an interesting fact about you? I like to tinker with electronics. I have taught myself to build personal computers and repair mobile phones. I am currently in the planning phase of building my own electric scooter.

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